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Technology based solutions for the Noc

Nocatee came to life as a result of a grand vision coupled with a master plan. People are moving here in droves yet there's still a number of things we think could make life here even better. We're riding our golf carts to some new solutions and water sliding them to the community.

Designed with resident input.
Tailor made for the community.

No more thinking that Jacksonville or St Johns has something that you want. For parents, retirees, kids and everyone in between. We're building for you.

Tech enabled solutions.
On all your devices.

Collaborate seamlessly across devices from wherever you may be – we help you connect the dots in your day. 🗣️ "Alexa, deliver me Chinese food."

September 2, 2020

Newsweek named Nocatee the number 1 place to live in Florida

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